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Unintentionally Funny Videos (in no particular order)
There are some classic videos here on, but these are not those... All the videos linked to on this page are funny for all the wrong reasons... either bad production values, bad dialogue, bad acting...
If You Smoke It You Will Go Insane
Wasp Woman
Teenagers From Outer Space still
Funniest TV ads ever
House On Haunted Hill
Radar Men From The Moon
The Driller Killer
Creature From The Haunted Sea
Giant Gila Monster
Bela Lugosi
Flash Gordon - Buster Crabbe
A killer shrew
Amazing Transparent Man
The Invisible Man
'Gabby' Hayes
Zombie attacks
Attack of the Giant Leeches
Roy Rogers - My Pal Trigger
2 clips 'The Outlaw', Jane Russell / Smoke ring
Jane Russell
Prehistoric Women, man vs Cheetah and Man invents fire
Man vs Cheetah
Brain That Wouldn't Die
Reefer Madness
Martians Kidnap Santa Claus
The Magic Sword
The Street Fighter
Teenage Zombies
Black Fist
Rocket Man
Jack Nicholson
Bela Lugosi and victim
Bela Lugosi
Salem cigarettes
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter
Wild Women of Wongo
Dancing Hotdog
Killers From Space
Blonde Savage
Blonde Savage
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