Classic Serial: Flash Gordon - Space Soldiers Conquer The Universe
Zarkov and Flash

This classic Saturday morning movie matinee serial of the 1930's may not have been intended as comedy, but then you see the space ships wobbling through the air (is that a sparkler at the back of the ship? and should they really sound like an electric razor?), normal sized lizards for monsters filmed close up, characters with turnip heads and some truly jaw droppingly bad dialogue... this isn't just bad, it's brilliantly bad... you will be hooked...

Normal sized lizard monster
Index of chapters
Flash and Zarkov
1: The Purple Death The Purple Death is killing thousands on planet Earth and it's all an evil scheme of Emperor Ming... Planet Earth's only hope is Flash Gordon...
Flash and Dale
2: Freezing Torture Our heroes find themselves battling the freezing elements.
Space Soldiers
3: Walking Bombs Our heroes defy the snowy elements only to be attacked by fiendish walking bombs.
Doctor Zarkov
4: The Destroying Ray Doctor Zarkov is held by merciless Ming, and is about to be zapped by a lazer beam. His only hope is...
Doctor Zarkov
5: The Palace Of Terror Will Doctor Zarkov be saved? What will happen to Flash and our heroes...
Flash In Fire Suit
6: Flaming Death Flash has to battle death defying fire-y heat but, thanks to Doctor Zarkov, he has a high tech suit... filmed in glorious monochrome...
Flash battling the elements...

7: The Land Of The Death Flash is the man once again... Battling the burning elements not once but twice in one episode!

Flash battling the elements...
8: The Fiery Abyss Introducing The Turnip Heads! Yes, you'll have to watch this episode to really appreciate the awfulness of the baddies in this episode. And is that just an ordinary lizard thingie made to look like a giant beastie?
Flash battling the elements...
9: The Pool Of Death More Turnip headed bedlam, and the normal size lizard is still apparently stopping them from leaving the cave. Are these real heroes or not? Will they escape this episode? Gotta run...
Flash battling the elements...
10: The Death Mist OK, it's time for a bit of 'spot the continuity error' in this episode. Princess Aura schemes her way out of the cell and then later Dale finds the dead security guard in a different cell... brace yourself for some fighting in this episode with both Dale and Flash picking on someone their own size...
Flash and Co talk to Ming
11: Stark Treachery Ming schemes, and Dale has to return into his power with Zarkov. But Flash is on his way back. Hurry Flash, there's only one episode left after this one....
Emperor Ming The Merciless
12: Doom Of The Dictator Yes folks, Flash is about to do his stuff... Sad to see the series end, but all good things must come to an end...
Classic Serial facts
Released in 1934, 12 parts.
Screen play George H Plympton, Basil Dickey, Barry Shipman
Art Director Harold MacArthur
Photography Jerome Ash, William Skkiner (sic)
Dialogue Director Jacques Jaccard
Edited by Alvin Todfd, Louis Sackin, Joesph Glick
Associate Producer Henry MacRae
Directed By Ford Beebe and Ray Taylor
Supervising Editor Saul A. Goodkind
Cast Larry 'Buster' Crabbe is Flash Gordon, Carol Hughes is Dale Arden, Charles Middleton is Emperor Ming, Anne Gwynneis Sonjia and Frank Shannonis Doctor Zarkov.
Also starring John Hamilton, Herbert Rawlinson, Tom Chatterton, Shirley Deane, Lee Powell, Roland Drew, Don Rowan, Victor Zimmerman, Edgar Edawards, Ben Taggart, Michael Mark, Earl Dwire, Harry C Bradley, Sigurd Nilssen, Mimi Taylor, Byron Foulger, William Royle.
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