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Teenagers From Outer Space - So Bad It's Good

Now and again there comes along an unbelievably bad film that is so bad you just can't stop watching it. The script is awful and the actors just don't have a chance. The special effects budget was also pretty minimal when you get to see the monster near the end...
Teenagers from Outer Space still
Derek, the alien, takes Betty back to see the zapped dog and tries to explain stuff to her.
Teenagers from Outer Space still
The most helpful utility guy in movie history here. He takes her word that he needs to shut down the electricity grid and even risks blowing the whole thing up to be helpful. If Jack Bauer had it this good 24 would only have needed to have been a 12.
Teenagers from Outer Space still
Three clips: 1) The opening scene where a philosophical astronomer thinks he sees something. 2) A woman in a swimming pool is zapped 3) A shoot-out ends in a couple of zappings...
Teenagers From Outer Space
Every single awful sentence of the movie
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