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Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

I have read on a couple of websites that this is one of the better public domain films, in the top ten even. I just can't see it myself. It's one of those films that is just badly done - it has the feeling that it's been written and directed by accountants...

However there are a few clips that are quite funny... and an mp3 from a song in the movie that is guaranteed to drive you nuts... so knock yourselves out

Two children have escaped the evil clutches of the Martians. They find themselves at the mercy of the elements, including a man in a polar bear suit, erghm a polar bear, and a robot... eeek!
Martians Fighting
Here is a clip of two Martians having a fight. Don't laugh it could happen...
Robot And Santa Claus
An evil robot is intent on attacking Santa Claus in his grotto... Ho Ho Ho...
Martians Kidnap Santa Claus
Here we have what could become one of the most annoying MP3's in the world. Altogether now... hooray for Santy Claus...
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