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Royal Wedding (1951) - Fred Astaire and Jane Powell

Fred Astaire dances on the ceiling, dances in a gym, in a storm (with Jane Powell) on board a ship and puts on a show-stopping Brooklyn based song and dance, in this musical comedy. There are five 'best bit' clips, and the whole movie, which is based around events in London in the build up to the real Royal Wedding between Princess Elizabeth (to become Queen Elizabeth II) and Philip Mountbatten, Prince Philip.
Fred Astaire and Jane Powell
The whole movie starts here
Fred Astaire Dances On Ceiling
Fred Astaire dances on the walls and the ceiling in this classic song and dance number.
Fred Astaire Dances With Hat Stand
Fred Astaire in action in the gym.
Fred Astaire and Jane Powell Dance In A Storm On Ship
Fred Astaire and Jane Powell have been asked to perform for guests on the ship on their way over to London for the Royal Wedding. The sea is rough, though, and ya can't dance in conditions like that, surely...?
Fred Astaire and Jane Powell
Fred Astaire and Jane Powell play a couple of New Yorkers in this musical gem.
I Left My Hat In Haiti - Musical Number
I Lost My Hat In Haiti... Musical number starring Fred Astaire and full cast.
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