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Charlie Chaplin - Making A Living
Making A Living: This is at the top of my list of 'if I ever find a better print of this it will go up', here is Charlie Chaplin's first flickering appearance on celluloid (literally in this case). It's before Chaplin invented the tramp character - here he plays a mustachioed swindler out to get the girl... It's February 1914, Chaplin was only 24 years old...
Charlie Chaplin as The Tramp
Charlie Chaplin - Mabel's Strange Predicament
Between Showers
Film Johnny
Tango Tangles
His Favorite Pastime
Cruel Cruel Love
Land Lady's Pet
Charlie Chaplin - Still from Mabel At The Wheel
Charlie Chaplin - Twenty Minutes Of Love
Caught in a Cabaret
Caught in the rain
Chaplin - The Militant Suffragette
Chaplin - The Fatal Mallet
The Knockout
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin - The Property Man
Face On The Barroom Floor
Charlie Chaplin
The Masquerader
Chaplin - The Good For Nothing
Charlie Chaplin, Rosco Arbuckle
The New Janitor
Charlie Chaplin, Rosco Arbuckle
Dough And Dynamite
Gentlemen Of Nerve
Charlie Chaplin - The Musical Tramp
His Trysting Places
Chaplin - Pin to ass...
His Prehistoric Past
Roscoe Arbuckle
His New Job
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin - Still from The Champion
In the Park
Charlie Chaplin - The Tramp
By The Sea picture
Charlie Chaplin - Work
Charlie Chaplin
Chaplin - The Bank
Charlie Shanghaied
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin - The Police
Burlesque On Carmen - scene
Chaplin - The Floorwalker
Chaplin - The Fireman
Charlie Chaplin - Still from The Vagabond
Charlie Chaplin in One AM
The Count
Charlie Chaplin - The Pawnbroker
Chaplin - Stagehand
Charlie Chaplin
Easy Street
Chaplin - The Cure
Chaplin - The Immigrant
Chaplin - The Adventurer

Pre 1923: The First National Pictures movies were made by Chaplin under a complicated arrangement in which he leased the movies to the company for 5 years and then gained the copyright afterwards - so they are arguably not all public domain under the 'everything is public domain if it was first published before 1923 in the USA rule'. Chaplin wasn't a US citizen so it adds a complicating factor here (as a UK citizen the copyright will be death +70 years on those films on which he has a copyright claim - he died 25th December 1977 so they won't fall into the public domain until 2048). I have found this copyright claim for a number of the Chaplin films from 1918 onwards here, pdcomedy has none of these films on the site.

I have put everything Charlie Chaplin has done that is in the public domain, apart from the following:

The only copy of A Jitney Elopement I could find was the restored copyright version.

Her Friend The Bandit, 1914: No copy of this exists, apparently.

The Bond was brought out by Essany in 1918 and is a compilation of scenes deleted from other movies. It was a very poor quality print.

pdcomedy.com content is all believed to be in the public domain (apart from some of the music used on the silent movies which is credited accordingly and cannot be used without that credit.) If you believe we have made a mistake and have posted something in which you have copyright please contact us immediately on editor@thevoiceofreason.com
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