The Rink - Starring Charlie Chaplin (1916)
Charlie Chaplin

If you didn't think you liked Charlie Chaplin then this is the place to start. The Rink is a Chaplin comedy gem.

There are two versions on here and some highlights. One complete version has music and sound effects but a slightly poorer picture quality; the other is completely silent and one of the best picture qualities I have seen.

The Rink
Charlie Chaplin The Rink - With sound effects and music. [Here]
The Rink The Rink Best Bits with music. [Here]

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Movie facts
Released in 1916
Director: Charles Chaplin
Writers: Vincent Bryan, Charles Chaplin, Maverick Terrell
Cast: Charlie Chaplin (A Waiter. Posing as Sir Cecil Seltzer), Edna Purviance (The Girl), James T. Kelley (Her Father), Eric Campbell (Mr. Stout, Edna's Admirer), Henry Bergman (Mrs. Stout and Angry Diner), Lloyd Bacon (Guest), Albert Austin (The Cook and Skater), Frank J. Coleman (Restaurant Manager), John Rand (Waiter), Charlotte Mineau (Friend of Edna), Leota Bryan (Friend of Edna).
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