Steamboat Bill Jr starring Buster Keaton (1927)
Buster Keaton

Steamboat Bill Jr has some amazing stunts and great slapstick comedy throughout. On this page there are links to five clips and the complete movie.

Main plot overview: Our hero, Buster Keaton, plays Bill, returning to meet his hardman Dad. Bill isn't exactly what his strapping father had hoped for... Click on the picture to see the clip

House falls on Buster Keaton
Buster Keaton - Steamboat Bill Jr Bill (Buster Keaton) arrives to meet his father for the first time. I'll be easy to spot, I'll be wearing a white carnation... [Link]
Buster Keaton - shave Buster Keaton gets a shave and gets fitted for a new hat... [Link]
Scene from Steamboat Bill Jr Bill needs to learn how to fight and steer his father's boat... [Link]
Buster Keaton Bill tries to break his unimpressed Dad out of jail... [Link]
Buster Keaton 14 minutes of stunts starring Buster Keaton (part 7 of the complete movie) [Link]
Steamboat Bill Jr The complete movie [Link]
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Movie facts
Released in 1928
Directors: Charles Reisner
Writers: Carl Harbaugh
Cast: Buster Keaton is William Canfield Jr., Ernest Torrence is William Canfield Sr,
Tom Lewis is Tom Carter (the sailor), Marion Byron is Marion King.
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