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US Government Drug Films

Cab Calloway
Cab Calloway - Smiley happy guy singing about a strange reefer man in this officially sanctioned US government anti-drugs ad... Scene from the public domain movie International house (1933)
Federal Bureau Of Narcotics
Federal Bureau Of Narcotics - OK, he's clearly a man of considerable authority. He's telling you what he's going to do... BELIEVE HIM...
If you smoke it you will go insane
If you smoke it you will go insane - Going insane through drugs gets the Looney Tunes treatment here... gawp...
High On the Range cowboys
High On the Range - It's back to the 1920's now and here is the definitive big silent screen result of a naughty pot habit... No good will come of it...
If you smoke it you will become a heroin addict
If you smoke it you will become a heroin addict - The argument: pot is a gateway drug in this over the top ram it home and ram and ram and then ram it home some more again, again...
Mondo Mod
Mondo Mod - Filled with 1960's psychedelia but the message is still the same... drugs are very very very very bad.......... IN COLOR
Federal T-Men Bare Secrets Of New Drug
Movietone News - Here they go for the official looking Movietone News ploy... DON'T DO IT! No, not them, YOU!!!
Marijuana: Threat or menace?
Marijuana: Threat Or Menace? Note how the guy literally talks down to the audience at the end of this piece...
Reefer Madness
Reefer Madness Bad acting but bad acting in a good cause if it stops just one person turning to the dread weed... But this just looks wrong...
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